Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A day in the life

Hello all! I have been wanting to start a blog for quite some time so here it goes. I am currently at the University of Arkansas studying creative writing and getting anxious to join the real world and start working. It can be bittersweet cause who wants to leave college?

My style varies from day to day, but the most important thing to me is to be comfortable and look like It took time for me to get ready, even though I threw something together at the last second. This outfit is the perfect example. I thought up this outfit in the shower five minutes before I got ready. It was appropriate for the whole day, class, blog shoot, and dinner with my lovely friend Laura. (Laura is responsible for these amazing pictures and for being awesome all the time.)

Although I absolutely adore Fayetteville (the town I live in) I am a big city chick deep down and it's sometimes hard to stay positive and keep the future in mind. Bob Marley always seems to state the solutions to happiness in the simplest terms, which is one thing I love about him. I leave you today with a quote that is framed in my room and I try to live my life by every day.

"You just can't live in that negative way make way for the positive day."

Bob Marley

Shirt: Forever 21
Skirt: Pins and Needles (Urban Outfitters)
Shoes: Vintage store in Philadelphia
Head band: Grey Dog Boutique
Bolo tie: Estate sale in Dallas
Bracelets: Collection from over the years (Austin/Boston/Barcelona)


  1. I LOVE it Megan!!! The blog is looking great, and you are looking BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to read more :) :) :)


  2. You look gorgeous!! I'm so proud of you! This looks AMAZING!